The Three Emperors League was an alliance between the Austrian Empire, the German Empire and the Russian Empire. It was engineered by the chancellor of Germany, Otto von Bismarck who wished a peaceful Europe based on the balance of power. It was a monarchical alliance between the Emperor of Austria, the German Emperor and the Russian Tsar. 


The alliance was negotiated by the chancellor of Germany in 1873 between the Austrian, German and the Russian monarchs. It was, in essence, a reincarnation of the Holy Alliance of 1815 to act as a major opponent of the radical beliefs that the monarchs and the chancellor found disturbing.

First dissolution and revival Edit

It was first dissolved in 1878 after a territorial despute between between Austria and Russia  regarding the Balkans where both great powers were trying to secure their dominance. However, it was revived after the Congress of Berlin where Russia was feeling cheated regarding to her gains during the Russo-Turkish war(1877-1878) and her role in the politics of Europe was not forgotten by Otto von Bismarck who again engineered a treaty between Austria, Russia and Germany. It was again renewed after yet another dispute between Austria and Russia about the Balkans in 1884. 

Final dissolution Edit

After Russian intrusion into German and Austrian internal business regarding the Polish provinces, it was decided by Austria and Germany to finally dissolve the alliance in 1886.