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General InformationEdit

Empire of Europe Wiki is a Wiki about a role-playing group based on digital distribution, multiplayer and communications called Steam. It was created on 1st of March 2011 by Eduard von Österreich. The role-playing group is based around late 19th century Austrian Monarchy, however it does include alternate historical elements. The group is generally a political role-playing group where it's members may participate in the politics, it also includes military role-play where the 'generals' are choosen to lead based on their ability in a certain game(Napoleon: Total War, Empire: Total War). 

Brief history of the role-playing group.Edit

Empire of Europe has been created by Edward the first, Emperor of Europe(now known as Eduard, Kaiser von Österreich) on 1st of March 2011. It started off as a united European nation which was divided into administrative divisions based on their culture. The Head of State was the Monarch and the Head of Government was the Prime Minister. Time went by and the group entered a role-playing tier in a role-playing organisation known as AWN(Association of World Nations). Since the idea of a united Europe in the tier was un-executable the group was tranfored into Kingdom of Sweden. The group grew and so did activity. The group reached it's golden age in it's second tier when it encompassed the Swedish Empire, majority of Russia, Canada, Alaska, etc. etc. That is when the Head of State transformed it into a Scandinavian Empire and crowned himself as Kejsare af Skandinavien. However, the group soon fell into innactivity and after six months the owner decided to restart it as the Austrian Empire. The group was in two tiers since then and now it has a role-play of it's own, which is why I, Eduard decided to create this wiki.


All the info on this wiki is FICTIONAL, however it is based on real events that occured in the real Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empires. 

Latest activityEdit

Austria-Hungary original

The Austro-Hungarian flag as of 1887

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